Plyneer Neem B.W.R Water Resistant Plywood – 10 Years Replacement Guarantee*

Plyneer Neem B.W.R Water Resistant Plywood – 10 Years Replacement Guarantee*


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Neem BWR Grade Plywood is boiling water resistant plywood. It is manufactured using rotary peeled smooth veneer. The veneers are tightly cut and bonded using synthetic compounded phenol formaldehyde resin. BWR ISI 303 grade is bonded with improved and indigenously compounded phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin under controlled temperature and pressure. The tough treatment given to this B.W.R grade plywood makes it sturdy in which the Veneers are treated with preservatives. Glue line is fused with chemicals for borer and termite protection, while the finished panels are treated with acid copper chrome and boric acid compound. B.W.R Plywood does not swell even after it is immersed in hot water for 8 hours boiling and therefore is ideal to be used at hot, humid and moist locations. The result is a high quality ply that can resist boiling water, cold water, climate variations including termite and borer attacks.


Prescribed Test- ISI 303


Observed Value

Moisture Content (%)


5% to 10%

Density (Kg/m3)

Not Specified

0.65 to 0.70

Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Dry

Min 1350

More than 1350N

Water Resistance Test

Min 1000

More than 1000N

Mycological Test

Min 1000

More than 1000N

Boiling Water Test

Not Specified

No Delamination even after boiling for 72 hrs

Glue Adhesion

Not Specified


Specific Gravity

0.50 – 1.00

0.70 to 0.85

Screw Holding Strength

                  Min 180

More than 250 kgs

Nail Holding Strength Normal to face

                    Min 50

More than 60 kgs

Water Absorption


Less than 3.5%

Tensile Strength

Not Specified

600 kg/


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